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Vamsi Krishna


My Story


Education can be the most powerful tool to advance yourself and your job prospects. In India the entrance exams to IIT-JEE, AIEEE is the most crucial point for any students, but many students do not have the educational opportunities to effectively prepare for the entrace exams. Vamsi and his 4 co- founders are opening up opportunities for students with their preparation course for college entrance exams, while instilling the right attititudes in the future leaders they produce.

About Me

Myself, Vamsi Krishna, am the only son of my parents. My hometown is in Bangalore, India but most of my education was done in North India. I did my B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay(IIT-B). After graduation, I joined Larsen and Toubro (L&T) as a management trainee and worked there for couple of months before venturing in to the entrepreneurial journey along with three of my friends.

Passion for me comes from anything that I undertake seriously. The reason I took this path of entrepreneurship may have many aspects to it but undoubtedly, the biggest reason of all would be the satisfaction. During my job days I always used to feel a sense of loss of opportunity and that, I was not doing justice to my talent. I always wanted to be the master of my own destiny and I wanted to make a difference in the world. I always felt that there is a need to create something that will induce a positive change in the way we live. I felt whatever one does it should affect people and bring a positive change in the way we live. The higher the impact the better. In my job I always felt that my impact was very limited and hence I felt strangulated.

Having been an entrepreneur for three years I am extremely satisfief by the fact that the entity, which I, along with my friends, founded, was instrumental in creating a positive change in the lives of the people and I guess that satisfaction is the reason why many venture into entrepreneurship.

About myself, I love to interact with people and share experiences. I have taught k10-k12 students over the last three years and absolutely love sharing ideas and motivating them. I am also a budding photographer and love to play flute. I have been a dance choreographer in college and play Volleyball.

Apart from this, I personally love to strategize. Sun Tzu`s “The Art of War” is my favorite book. I have an ability to spot an idea and get it implemented with an organized approach. I always feel upbeat and energetic, I believe in putting up ceaseless effort for things I believe in. With my ability to have a holistic view of numerous processes going on and aligning them with the broader vision, I handle the task of marketing and branding at Lakshya.

My Venture

Lakshya was started by me and my three friends. We used to go to Goa every year and in 2005 we sat by the beach and decided that we need stay together and do something of our own (we were in jobs for 5 months then). This is how it really began.

Lakshya was started by me and my three friends. We used to go to Goa every year and in 2005 we sat by the beach and decided that we need stay together and do something of our own (we were in jobs for 5 months then). This is how it really began.

We have currently started up in the very tangible segment of IIT-JEE, AIEEE and medical entrance examinations training.

Our unique business proposition is our twin focus strategy: Pedagogy, by suing an instruction methodology based on “teacher + innovative digital content module” and teacher training which is done to bring uniformity in delivery and also help us train better and effectively which eventually help us scale faster. We heavily integrate technology into our teaching process and hence create a differentiation as well as a system-based approach. Through these and others practices we wish to bring an organized approach to this sector and innovate the way teaching has been delivered.

The whole Lakshya faculty constantly motivates and inspires students with their own experiences and inculcates values into them. All our students, whether selected in IIT or even who couldn`t qualify, are definitely better individuals in terms of the attitudes they reflect. We try to inculcate in them the habit to learn, relearn, and continue this process for life. This we feel should be the aim of any education system and this is exactly what we want to enable by scaling up – “Create a whole generation of thought leaders”.

After nearly three years of operation of Lakshya we are proud to say that we have not only become a profitable business but also most importantly produced amazing results for our children and been instrumental in shaping many careers. Now even from a small place like Patiala and its nearby towns and villages students believe that they can now aspire and clear even the toughest of competitive examination and make a life for themselves and their families.

Our goal is to operate and sustain a parallel training system to schools, from K1-K12, using our unique pedagogy and instructional methodology, which provides tangibility to students and makes Learning more interesting.