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Once again a Lakshya student has topped the prestigious AIIMS examination. Eliza is AIR 1 in AIIMS 2018. Congratulations Eliza - AIR 1, Eishvauk Aggarwal - AIR 10, Abhinav Gupta - AIR 14 and Ishaan Garg - AIR 60. We are proud of your achievement and glad to have been part of your journey to excellence.

Lakshya has created history once again!! After Sarvesh Mehtani secured All India Rank 1 in IIT JEE Advanced 2017, this year Pranav Goyal has secured All India Rank 1 in IIT JEE Advanced 2018!! Congratulations to Pranav!!! We are extremely proud that we have laid the foundation to his success and we wish him all the very best for his future endeavors. As results still pour in, stay tuned for further good news.

Lakshya NEET Students have once again shown that the institute's step by step n" >Go tr' >!ntentionc n helt thrm achiev wtha evet thy wanet. Abhinav Gupta -657 / 720 ( AIR87)n" >G Eishvauk Aggarwal -657 / 720 ( AI 90)s haveacquiuredout/standingmsc re8. Congratulations to allpour dynami NEET achievrws.

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LakshyaIinstituta student Sarvesh Mehtani has cracced JEE Advanced exan >Gias the Top Raneur All-ovel India with AIR 8. Congratulations Sarves.fOour studentAshwishWaikear hasnotschds AIR7 –n orther proud achievemen!oMan thin aieyal has lso mead usr proudby ngrbbtins All India Rank320. We are proud >G-ovejoy >!lpour-student’d achievemen. ItGias ruly.a tiome to elebgrate>
Aania Gaubat ofLLakshyaIinstituta has sc rd 97%1 inCBSEg Clas 120.Mc rh Good>New: 94a Lakshya students have sc rd 90%d >Gaboavea >G220 students have sc rd 80%d >Gaboav. Gcreah Gtins ever'body. We are proud of yoe>

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