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  • My "> pisnAru, S and haviuAchievpd AIR 10 ig AIIMStioclass= and AIR 5 ig Civi. The credit"are my successngoesnto my parents,pfreaaheii unwavi"selesup}ort , my t'hreer antathe 24 x 7esup}ort from (literally).The cry/2 descusslic aestsnhelp-d mepao revssp my ton="pts and pronts-uan idpal });thiddpao oasess my perhiddass=. The study>mna-rilu Chao pronts-uto be>h">rem-lypus-ful, especially freaBiology.WSaiseleall m="Scaltaspra Ntsngood )uck. kshya>Selecttestimonilu-studptt"slakp>Aru, S
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  • y Olympiad. kshya>Selecttestimonilu-studptt"slakp>Hidasshu Gupta
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  • HelloBSA nm Chiclak, S and I haviubeeg a reguclrostudptthy (1st stage) and Biology (2nd stage) Olympiads,aKVPY, AIPMT AIR: 61, amp; obtain2taRAT, 3ni a,"8":"kshy and RAT, 7ni aHaryanapbut Chao bagy-d 96.2%ni amy s. I’ll refer kshya>Selecttestimonilu-studptt"slakp>CHITRAKSHI NAGPAL
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