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 ils-mt-form ac/ami="http://thumbs/insy/aute. /thumbs/phoca_thumb_m_huntnetai_06_15-h-bto_0ry/egothu0000349abhbachan/thumbs/phdaws-18?t'iframe')ery/amitabhbachan/thumbs/dpSdciv>o Olriframe', size: " methodionosclarobo="adminForm>Ordering iselect idios="orderinglarobo="s="orderingladucatioinput3}""/dass="1" on, sigs="y os.form.sub49a()>Ordering Ascv dingOrdering Descv dingD/th Ascv dingD/th Descv dingHits Ascv dingHits Descv ding Disp da Num iselect idioli49alarobo="li49aladucatioinput3}" input-mini"/dass="1" on, sigs="y os.form.sub49a()>100All m-s-educatiocounter pull-right"eils-mt--s-educationaginy/ami naginy/ami-cv c/dpS">ils-mt-educareinput typs="hiddenlarobo="controca_t" valus="ry/egothh-bacinput typs="hiddenlarobo="6a0d816b677f8f53d324eec49fb00d0a" valus="1h-bachformt--s-educationh-cbg gepp-naginy/lle> ils-mt-ls-mt -h-bbbbbbbbm-s-educatioclr">ils-mt -h-bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbmls-mt - -h-bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbm-s-eidiorightcolumle> m-s-educatioes/ul: 6bmi coursesearch>Find Cv cro_0Coursesi m-s-eidiosl_search>t - -h-form ac/ami="/thumbs/phoca_thumb_m_huntnetai_06_15-h-bto_" -h idiosl_search> methodionoscl>h
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbcinput typs="hiddenlarobo="ry/ad" valus="-1"eidiory/ad" /> - m-s-educatiocourse_-s->t -bbbbbbbbbbbbcselect idiofilc/dcourselarobo="courseladucatiofilc/dcourselaon, sigs="modCha geCourse();>t - Select CourseStd. 9 & 10 Englysh MramumStd. 9 & 10 Semi Englysh MramumStd 11 & 12 Lntneta ScienceStd. 11 & 12 C merceJEE M/inCA CPTCA IPCCCA FinalFoundy/ami CourseCivil Services (UPSC)NEETCETMT Science 11th & 12thJEE AdvascedCAT, CET, CMAT, GMAT,GRE, SAT, Ba k PO, BBA, NMAT, SNAP, IIFT,MICAT, XAT,TISS,MAT,ATMA,IBSATCBSE Std. 11 & 12 Science - mls-mt - m-s-educatiocourse_-s->t -bbbbbbbbbbbbcselect idiofilc/dboardlarobo="boardladucatiofilc/dboardlaaon, sigs="modCha geBoard();>t - Select Board - mls-mt - m-s-educatiofilc/dc-to course_-s->t -bbbbbbbbbbbbcselect idiofilc/dc-tolarobo="c-toladucatiolaon, sigs="modCha geC-to();>t - Select C-toMucityThaneNavi MucityPalghirNashikPuneKolhapurAurangabadChenntyHyderabadGunturVijaywadaVisakhapatrobMangaloreVads/praAhmb_abadPatialaBay ondaCha digarhPaschkulaTrivandrumHYDERABADNEYVELIMADURAIWARANGALRAJAHMUNDRYSangrurNabhaKarartakaOdyshaAndhra PradeshGuwahatyNadpurSangly - mls-mt - m-s-educatiofilc/darea course_-s->t -bbbbbbbbbbbbcselect idiofilc/darealarobo="arealaducatiolaon, sigs="modCha geArea();>t - Select Area - -bbcinput typs="hiddenlarobo="mod_storelocator_search> valus="true" /> -bbcinput typs="hiddenlarobo="op/ami" valus="rom_storelocator" > -bbcinput typs="hiddenlarobo="view" valus="map" > -bbcinput typs="hiddenlarobo="x2">" valus="storelocator" > - -bbc!--bbcinput typs="hiddenlarobo="Itemid" valus="753" > --> -bb -bbbm-s-educatioclr">ils-mt -h-
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eidiorhronoform-regisc/d>educatiochronoform>< m-s-educatioform-group gcore-form-row>eidioform-row-roboma m-s-educatiogcore-input gcore-disp da- 6bmi>eidiofin-robomacinput arobo="robomeidiorobomevalus="" p dceholder="Neidiofin-dropdown1ma mselect robo="selectcourse>eidiodropdown7" dass="laducatioform-controc A input3}""/y/amitabhstymitabhdata-load-st/thtabhdata-tooltiptaba mop/ami valus="">Select CourseStd. 9 & 10 Englysh MramumStd. 9 & 10 Semi Englysh MramumStd. 11 & 12 ScienceJEE M/in & Advasced/Engineering & Mramcal EntrasceStd. 11 & 12 C merceCA CPTCA IPCCCA FinalMBA Entrascechs-mtmls-mt -minput typs="hiddenlarobo="site_source" valus="http://thumbs/insy/aute. /thumbs/phoca_thumb_m_huntnetai_06_15-h-bto_0ry/egothu0000349abhbachan/thumbs/phdaws-18?t'iframe')ery/amitabhbachan/thumbs/dpSdciv>o Olriframe', size: " /> -minput typs="hiddenlarobo="query_source" valus="" /> -m-s-educatioform-group gcore-form-row>eidioform-row-cagall4"t--s-educatiogcore-input gcore-disp da- 6bmi>eidiofin-cagall4"t-input robo="cagall4"eidiocagall4"etyps="sub49alavalus="Sub49aladucatiocagall btl btl-default form-controc Aerbachs-mtmls-mt -m-s-educatioclr">ils-mt -minput typs="hiddenlarobo="6a0d816b677f8f53d324eec49fb00d0a" valus="1h-bachformt - i


i -m-s-educatio_06_fucah course-testimonial es/id469> mlit--s-My experience at Lntneta was damp y awesome. The teachers at Lntneta w/dpn’t just teachers they w/dp our mentors and friends. They -s-ided my goal of achieving success at the IIT JEE into smoca_t mimisalles. We w/dp encourramd to ducrify -oubts and our teachers py/aent y answ/dpd -oubts evv 10 to 20 t Sarvesh Mrhtani AIR 1, IIT JEE 2017Lntneta was like home during JEE prepary/amid. I w/nt home on y to sleep. There w/dp either lectures orhsomey ong amportant habhening all the t <. Discussamid and -oubthsolving was always going mi and I -sd not want to miss it. The teachers themselves forcedhus to take a break with a lit/mi fun ac/avity. We p daedhcricket orhw/nt to a movi<. Mo/avy/ami habhenedhnaturally dance evvrybody was into prepary/ami es/e. Lntneta teachers aatessmd evvrybody and suggestmd the topicd where w/ shouldhconcv cr/th and otherd which they w/dp confident w/ couldhdo easily. Lntneta is a p dce to experience. I csizot tha k them enough.As osh Waikar AIR 7, IIT JEE 2017JEE prepary/ami with Lntneta was do smooth I nevvr felt nervOlr. There was no pressudp except that the date was ing near. Teachers w/dp always around to solvp our -oubts and guide lr. We workmd mi our weaknessms ss=ent ess y andhconvvrtmd them to our scrongthr. The professors w/dp vvry supportivh and evv hung mut with us during breaks do that w/ w/dp always mo/avy/md..Mantha Jondal AIR 32, IIT JEE 2017The CET test series helped me to know exac/ y where Ihst5nd 5nd 5read where I needed to work. Rchan/th+ gavh mh an opportun-to to study in a -sfferent way tha what w/ do during ducates. It helped me btoar mo conceptr. The best y ong abmut MT E?t'ifr is the faculty andhtheir -oubthsolving tessamid, which w/dp a majorhcontricagorhto my success. I wad vvry fortunate to study at MT E?t'ifr.Snehal S. Patil HSC Science 94.77%Whenevvr I needed any guidasce forhJEE Advasce I usmd to put it mi the Rchan/th+ study group and wad guided appropri/thly. It was of immensm help that -ideo lectures followed by tests made my u derst5nding mf the curricuucr thorough. Dyrobic tests evvry w/ek made me prepare hardvr forhthe ampending exam. I csizot tha k Rchan/th+ enough forhbeing there forhmr.Shavym GargAIR-94My robo is Arus o and havh Achieved AIR 10 in AIIMS Entrasce and AIR 5 in NEET. The cdpdit for my success goes to my parentd, forhtheir unwavhring support , my teacher andhthe 24 x 7 support from Lntneta , who guided me through there choca_nging yoarr. The teacher, as always w/dp ready to take -oubts at any t < mf the day orhnight (literally).The cucat -sscussamid garneredhnew ideas and w/re thorough y enjoy6bmi. It built lateral y onking, quite amportant forhexams like KVPY and Olympiads. The fortnight y tests helped me to revise my conceptr and pro-ide an ideal p dtform to aatess my performasce. The study n/thrial also pro-ide to b/hextremhly usmful, especially forhBiology.Woshing all framcal aspirints good luck.Arus oNEET A/R 5Right from the first day, I felt fort6bmi with my study and enjoyed learning fre< mf scro_s. I tha k my teachers forhtheir support and guidasce forhprepary/ami forhKVPY, Olympiads and PMT’s. All the -oubts ii va Olr subjects w/dp btoared by the teacherd which helped make my concept btoar.Oshin BhatyaAIIMS '15, AIR 4Lntneta has b/en a second home to me. Teacherd here are vvry supportivh and encourraing. Throughmut my journey, they helped me realise my capabilities and boost my self confidence. I always got the persmial attentami which was ssquired to get the best mut mf me. With their essmntial academic and mental guidasce, I was abmi to duoar NTSE,hKVPY, Mathr Olympiad and Chemiscry Olympiad.Himasshu GuptaJEE Advasced '15, AIR 7Hello, I ym Chitraks o and I havh b/en a reguucr student mf Lntneta, Cha digarh’s first Mramcal batch. Today I feel habhy that I chosm LAKSHYA for my two yoar Mramcal entrasce exam prepary/amid. With Lntneta, I not on y btoared my Chemiscry (1st stage) and Biology (2nd stage) Olympiads,hKVPY, AIPMT AIR: 61, & obtainedhRa k 3 ii Cha digarh and Ra k 7 ii Haryana but also bagamd 96.2% ii my 12th boards. I’ll refer Lntneta to evvryone who woshes to make a mark forhthemselves.CHITRAKSHI NAGPAL AIPMT-AIR 61 It was my good luck that I havh studimd ii Lntneta and csi firmly day that Lntneta is the best insy/aute mf Patiala. Lntneta Teacherd are vvry supportivh and they work squally hard with students to ensudp good performasce. Cmidisc/ncy helped me to work upmi ey w/ak topicd. The tagorials and m/thrial pro-ided ii Lntneta helped orient my prepary/ami. I wouldhday Lntneta is must forhMramcal aspirints as they pro-ide Shubhym Goy6l AIPMT-AIR 31 ils-mt -h-bbbbils-mtbb -bbbbbb<-s-educatioclr">ils-mt -h-bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb<-s-eidiosocial_06_>educatiocol10"t--s-educatio-s-inner"> m-s-educatioes/ul: 6bmi -s- >t

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BlogschchBlogschh3>im-s-educatio_06_fucah -s- > mlit--s-aducatioclogsliderheading"> i <-s-aducatioclogi="leftmaci="pg-cv-box itemclogusericon.ya/news-arUser Blogerbachs-mt <-s-aducatioclogi="rgt"> i Some succeed b/causm they are destinedhto; but most succeed b/causm they are dethrminedhto. Ultim/thly,hall depends mi how dethrmi.. mpeducatioesromacahbachan/92-blogs/parenting/634-the-final-frontier" target="_bla k">i read more- ils-mt -chs-mtmllit- mlit--s-aducatioclogsliderheading"> i <-s-aducatioclogi="leftmaci="pg-cv-box itemclogusericon.ya/news-arUser Blogerbachs-mt <-s-aducatioclogi="rgt"> i Remhmber the daying ‘manage your t <, orhit will fanage you’? It is nevvr more true than during exam t <. How well you fanag.. mpeducatioesromacahbachan/92-blogs/parenting/260-fanage <-and-r')ere-scro_s" target="_bla k">i read more- ils-mt -chs-mtmllit- mlit--s-aducatioclogsliderheading"> i <-s-aducatioclogi="leftmaci="pg-cv-box itemclogusericon.ya/news-arUser Blogerbachs-mt <-s-aducatioclogi="rgt"> i A student processes iiformatami and learns ii -sfferent wayr. There are thre< majorhstymis mf learning: Audigory,hVisual & Tac.. mpeducatioesromacahbachan/92-blogs/parenting/186-what-s-your-learning-stymi" target="_bla k">i read more- ils-mt -chs-mtmllit- mlit--s-aducatioclogsliderheading"> i <-s-aducatioclogi="leftmaci="pg-cv-box itemclogusericon.ya/news-arUser Blogerbachs-mt <-s-aducatioclogi="rgt"> i Sleep gives our bodies the physmcal and the mental rest it needs. When you don’t get enough sleep, your conce cr/tami and effect.. mpeducatioesromacahbachan/92-blogs/parenting/263-sleep-to-beat-exam-scro_s" target="_bla k">i read more- ils-mt -chs-mtmllit- mlit--s-aducatioclogsliderheading"> i <-s-aducatioclogi="leftmaci="pg-cv-box itemclogusericon.ya/news-arUser Blogerbachs-mt <-s-aducatioclogi="rgt"> i Did you know you csi r')ere your exam scro_s damp y by lisc/ning to music? There are tests which correlate that music stimu dto_ t.. mpeducatioesromacahbachan/92-blogs/parenting/261-lisc/n-to-music-and-r'lieve-scro_s" target="_bla k">i read more- ils-mt -chs-mtmllit- i m-s-educatioacymailing_es/ul: subscribe-btl -s-2"aidioacymailing_es/ul:_formAcymailing8531tab m-s-educatioacymailing_full-s-"aidioacymailing_full-s-_formAcymailing8531ta t - m-s-educatioacymailing_introtexth>SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST HAPPENINGS AND UPDATES FROM THE i i mtd cucatioacyfield_email acy_ssquiredField">i minput idiouser_email_formAcymailing8531ta oifocutioif(y os.value == 'E-mail') y os.value = '';>emiblurioif(y os.value=='') y os.value='E-mail';laducatioinput3}"bhtyps="textlarobo="user[email]bhstymitawidth:100%" valus="E-mailbht/amitaE-mailb/>i i i mtd cucatioacysubcagalls">i minput ducatiocagall subcagall btl btl-prox thh-typs="sub49alavalus="Subscribeerrobo="Sub49alaonclick="try{ return sub49abcymailingform('op/an','formAcymailing8531t'); }catch(err){aa_tt('The form couldhnot b: sub49atmd '+err);return false;}b/>i m/td>i i i minput typs="hiddenlarobo="ajaxlavalus="0erbai i i i ils-mt -h-bbbbbbchs-mtmls-mt -h-bbbbbbc-s-aducatioclr">ils-mt -h-bbbbbb-bbbbbbcls-mt -h-cls-mt -h-c-s-aducatioclr">ils-mt -h-bbbbc-s-aducatioclr">ils-mt -h-bbbbbb<-s-eidiofooterba h-bbbbbb<-s-educatiods-inner">bb -bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb<-s-eidiofooterleftmeducatiopull-leftma -bbbbbbbbbb© 2018 cspaneducatiomt_foot_leftmaMT E?t'ifr. All rights ssserved.cspan> | Powered by cahbachanhttps:/" target="_bla k">Convergence Services -bbbbbbbbbbbb -bbbbbbbbbbils-mt -h-bbbbcls-mt -h-bbbbcls-mt -h-bbbbh-bbbbc-s-eidioloader-ds-"astymitadisp da:nonoma h-bbbbci="pg-cv-box itemloader1.gifnews-arloadererba h-bbcls-mt -h- -h-bbbbbb<-s-eidiosidebarleftma m-s-educatioes/ul: 6bmi">i <-s-aducatiocuttoma t <-s-aducatioquicklink pull-leftma -t -mlit-aaducatioofflinebhbachan/
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